April Showers – Why Plants Turn Bright Green After a Storm

459px-Lightning_hits_treeApril showers bring May flowers… along with longer sunny days and the thaw of winter with warmer temperatures.  Warm weather mixed with cold fronts also bring in thunderstorms. Storms can cause a burst in plant growth and here’s why:

All life on earth depends upon Nitrogen fixation. Nitrogen exists in the atmosphere and soil, but for plants and other organisms to utilize it, it must be fixated. So what does this have to do with thunderstorms? Lightening is one of many ways that can cause Nitrogen (N2) to be fixated. It allows plants to absorb it through foliage and into the rain down to the soil. So, its not a coincidence when you look outside and suddenly everything looks bright green after a storm.

Crop rotation using legumes such as soy beans also helps Nitrogen to become available in the soil through bacteria that live in symbiosis with these types of plants. This is  why many farmers switch crops from year to year to help keep their soil healthy as well as their plants.

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