Hamamelis vernalis | Witch Hazel

April plant of the month! Blooming at any point from December through March (as pictured here on March 27th in our display gardens) Witch Hazel is a truly unique and valuable landscape plant. It also has a strong structure, highly fragrant flowers (commonly ranging from yellow to orange to red) and is a native plant to the United States. The plant has natural astringent properties and was widely used by Native Americans for medicinal purposes and is  used today in a variety of antiseptic, skin care and acne treatments. Hamamelis vernalis is not just a valuable and unique landscape plant, but also perfect for naturalizing your garden.

Metasequoia glyptostroboides | Dawn Redwood – Endangered in China

MetasequoiaGlyptostroboidesThis beautiful deciduous conifer, a smaller version of its larger Redwood cousins in California is a remarkable plant not only for its soft foliage, but also its lovely cinnamon colored bark and habit which gets more ornate with age.  Although used widely in Horticultural applications worldwide, in its native forests of China it is highly endangered.  Only one substantial forest remains, with smaller forests containing a small number of threes. Although protected by the Chinese government, seed demand is so high cone collecting leaves the forests without new seedlings to keep the forests intact. It is feared that once the mature trees die off, their native forests will be gone forever.

At Landscape Creations Nursery, you can find the Dawn Redwood. The plant itself can grow up to 2 feet a year and will tolerate and thrive in moist soils. Although a conifer, it is deciduous and will drop its foliage as apposed to being evergreen through the winter. The bark is a cinnamon color, and the base of the tree (as seen in the picture) becomes more ornate and colorful with age. Call us at (440) 729-1374 for current availability or come visit us to see one of these truly magnificent trees!

Picture reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:MetasequoiaGlyptostroboides.jpg

Plant of the Month – Helleborus | Lenten Rose

Native to much of Europe this hardy plant has a long bloom period beginning in late winter and persisting into the summer from which it gets the common name Winter or Lenten Rose. This plant can be found in several horticultural varieties producing white, pink, rose, green and near black flowers. It is perfect for DEEP SHADE GARDENS, naturalizing and cottage or English style gardens.

Picture Credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Lenteroos_rood_plant.jpg