Cercis ‘Ruby Falls’ | Weeping Redbud

Cercis flowers - Eastern RedbudAlthough most Northeast Ohio Horticulturalists know that Tim Brotzman brought us the Weeping Redbud, ‘Covey’, recently a new contender was derived from a cross between ‘Covey’ aka LAVENDER TWIST and ‘Forest Pansy’ developed in Raleigh, NC which is a purple-leaved upright variety of Redbud. This new variety has been named ‘Ruby Falls’ and we will be stocking this year at our nursery! Ruby Falls is an upright weeping redbud with pink/lavender flowers which bloom in early spring before the deep purple heart shaped foliage forms later in the spring.

It is also rumored that Tim Brotzman has patented another new variety, VANILLA TWIST, which we could only imagine is a weeping redbud with white flowers but we will be sure to follow up on this as soon as we have more information!

As a native species, Redbud are hardy to Northeast Ohio and will tolerate a partial sun or understory location and are a great substitute for Dogwood trees. There early bloom and heart-shaped foliage provide interest throughout the growing season. The twisted branching habit of weeping varieties also provide winter interest.

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