Firepits & Dry Streambeds

Firepits, Dry Stream Beds & Other Alternative Landscaping Requests:

If you ever wanted a designated area to sit by the fire or perhaps enhance an area that turns into a stream during a heavy rain, we have solutions for you!

Fire Pit Examples:

Firepits create a dry place to sit around the fire and also help prevent the fires from spreading. Firepits can be integrated into patios or simply have a gravel surrounding for chairs and benches or even picnic tables.

Dry Stream Beds:

Dry stream beds create the look of a stream without the water… except when it rains! Dry stream beds are usually placed in areas that act like natural ditches during heavy rainfall. Adding a dry stream bed can be aesthetic, but also let you know where that wet area is and to avoid it when walking or mowing the lawn.

Playground Areas:

Designated playground areas can be created using flat chip gravel, mulch, or other bases. Depending on your type of playground and the area it is in, other materials may be better than others. Childrens’ theme and vegetable gardens are also a great addition to their play area.