Flowering Crabapple – May Plant of the Month

flowercrabFlowering crabapples have been a long time favorite ornamental tree. With their gorgeous early blooms (many of which are sweet smelling) and small to medium size they make a great landscape plant. They are available in upright and weeping varieties. With hundreds of varieties, these trees have been bred into different ways to maintain tighter shapes, smaller or no fruit, brightly colored fruit,  have different foliage color and exceptional flower colors. Many also have darker red or pink buds that open to white or lighter pink flowers. Most crabapple varieties fall within the 13 to 40 foot range at maturity.

Looking for other great flowering trees? We highly recommend redbud trees as well! We have both upright and weeping varieties at our nursery and they are also getting ready to bloom. After they bloom, they have beautiful heart shaped leaves, so this tree also makes a great Mother’s Day or Wedding gift! Read more about our newest variety here: Cercis ‘Ruby Falls’

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