June Plant of the Month: Weigela florida

Weigela are a family of shrubs that produce beautiful trumpet shaped flowers from deep reddish hues, to rosy pinks and white. Varieties vary from standard green foliage, to chartreuse, variegated, and to a deep wine color. The newest varieties on the market are SPILLED WINE, a low growing ground-cover variety. Weigela varieties now range from a mature height of 12″ all the way up to 6′ feet tall. The flowers attract hummingbirds, and although aren’t fragrant are extremely showy. The variety ‘Polka’, has a magnificent flower set producing deep rosy pink, to light pink to white. The plants are typically deer resistant and require full sun and well drained soil. Low growing varieties such as FINE WINE, WINE & ROSES and SPILLED WINE have been marketed for patio planters as well as in the landscape. Watch the video below for more information on Wine & Roses:

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