June Plant of the Month: Weigela florida

Weigela are a family of shrubs that produce beautiful trumpet shaped flowers from deep reddish hues, to rosy pinks and white. Varieties vary from standard green foliage, to chartreuse, variegated, and to a deep wine color. The newest varieties on the market are SPILLED WINE, a low growing ground-cover variety. Weigela varieties now range from a mature height of 12″ all the way up to 6′ feet tall. The flowers attract hummingbirds, and although aren’t fragrant are extremely showy. The variety ‘Polka’, has a magnificent flower set producing deep rosy pink, to light pink to white. The plants are typically deer resistant and require full sun and well drained soil. Low growing varieties such as FINE WINE, WINE & ROSES and SPILLED WINE have been marketed for patio planters as well as in the landscape. Watch the video below for more information on Wine & Roses:

Proven Winners® Certified iGarden Center Training

Landscape Creations Nursery has completed the necessary training to become a 2013 Proven Winners® Certified Garden Center.


This program provides garden center owners and employees with up-to-date information so they can assist consumers in choosing and growing Proven Winners plants. As a 2013 Certified Garden Center, our employees have successfully completed a training program and test that evaluated their gardening knowledge and ability to assist customers with questions about plant performance, characteristics, and care. Each spring the training program reviews the Proven Winners collection, highlighting new additions to ensure that employees have the most current and comprehensive information.

According to Marshall Dirks, Director of Marketing for Proven Winners, “A knowledgeable sales staff increases the chances consumers have for success with their plant purchases. Proven Winners is committed to making sure that employees have the resources necessary to stay informed.”

About Proven Winners:

Proven Winners is an international marketing cooperative comprised of some of the world’s best plant propagators. As a group, they are dedicated to developing new hybrid color varieties that will perform well for both the grower and consumer. Proven Winners plants are found at more than 8,000 retail centers nationwide. For more information about Proven Winners visit www.provenwinners.com.

Flowering Crabapple – May Plant of the Month

flowercrabFlowering crabapples have been a long time favorite ornamental tree. With their gorgeous early blooms (many of which are sweet smelling) and small to medium size they make a great landscape plant. They are available in upright and weeping varieties. With hundreds of varieties, these trees have been bred into different ways to maintain tighter shapes, smaller or no fruit, brightly colored fruit,  have different foliage color and exceptional flower colors. Many also have darker red or pink buds that open to white or lighter pink flowers. Most crabapple varieties fall within the 13 to 40 foot range at maturity.

Looking for other great flowering trees? We highly recommend redbud trees as well! We have both upright and weeping varieties at our nursery and they are also getting ready to bloom. After they bloom, they have beautiful heart shaped leaves, so this tree also makes a great Mother’s Day or Wedding gift! Read more about our newest variety here: Cercis ‘Ruby Falls’

Welcome to the Garden Shop!

shopOur garden shop is full of delightful garden accessories as well as unique handmade items from local artists. We have baskets, wrought iron accessories, pottery, ceramics and photography! We also have bubble glass that was hand blown in France, perfect for desserts and ice cream or poolside dining. We also carry a full line of deer and pest repellents! What else could there be in our garden shop? Well, we also have a children’s play area for little ones that don’t enjoy long shopping trips with their parents.

You can also now see some of our Workshop Items on display! If you are interested in a workshop but want to see what you wworkshopsill be making first, feel free to stop in and take a look. You will also be able to see ideas for upcoming workshops and give us your input on them!