Spring is Blooming, and so are Weeds!

LentenRoseIf you haven’t noticed the daffodils, hyacinths and crocus have blossomed! Breaking bud more recently are the magnolias, service berry and forsythia. In the woods you will see trout lily blooming along with trillium soon to come and jack-in-the-pulpit. The leaves on the lilacs are starting to come out along with many trees. It is finally nice to start seeing some green after our long winter!

gardenspadeLenten Rose (pictured left) is also popping up out from under the leaves. This plant comes in a variety of colors from green/white to pink/green to rose pink to deep black purples. Coming soon you will start to see redbud trees blooming along with cherries, apple and pear trees.

Also, although you may not want to see them the dandelions have also started to bloom – it would be best if you have them in your garden to dig them out now while the ground is still soft! Even if you spray them with a herbicide, they have a very strong root and may come back. In the lawn products like a dicotyledon herbicide (dandelions are dicotyledons, where grasses are monocotyledons and not affected by this type of herbicide). For in the garden, it is best to get a narrow shovel, wedge it down next to the base of the root (under the leaves) to pop the whole root out – if you leave any part of the root, they may grow back and be more difficult to remove the second time around.

If dandelions are left to flower and seed, they will spread, so it is best to get them before they go to seed or you will have to use a pre-emergent herbicide like Snapshot or Miracle Grow Weed & Feed to prevent them from germinating.